We’ve had a surprising spell of hot weather and most people likely still have covers on their garden furniture or they haven’t removed it from storage yet. With the lovely temperatures we are currently enjoying, it’s certainly time to get out into the garden. Have you taken great care of your garden furniture? Is it ready to use this summer?

If you decided to use professional storage services or crammed last season’s survivors into every nook and cranny in your carport, you made a good decision to preserve their lifespan. Your garden shears, fence trimmer, spades, grilling tools, patio umbrellas, BBQ, garden table and chairs, alongside all the garden toys ought to be perfect and prepared to go. That is expecting you cleaned them before you put them away in any case!

Planning Garden Furniture for Summer

For most types of outdoor furniture, a decent wash with warm soapy water will do the trap. Ensure you thoroughly rinse everything down a short time later.

Wooden furniture may require a bit more attention after the winter has taken its toll. A quick once over with some sandpaper before you re-stain or oil should be sufficient though.

Metal furniture might have sprouted some rusty patches, which need to be stopped as soon as possible to prevent rapid spreading. Never consider cleaning metal with a wire brush or steel fleece. Simply wipe clean with a soft cloth and a little outdoor furniture detergent. It’s recommended to you repaint after cleaning these rusty patches to stop additional harm.

Plastic furniture is famous for its durability. It may have become weaker and less sturdy over time though.  Check for breaks or cracks in the back and seat sections to avoid making a spectacle of your guests when their seating collapses underneath them.  

Always take outdoor cushions inside when not in use, or use a plastic waterproof container to protect them.

During the summer season, find a suitable outdoor carp to keep furniture as clean as possible in between use. Check for any furniture infested with pests, you don’t want to be taking them with you at your new home. Sometimes pest are hard to detect, consider consulting with professional pest control services. If you have a pool, ensure your pool equipments, pumps and filters are not at risk for damage.

Get ready Garden Equipment for Summer

If you find that your garden tools didn’t get a proper clean before being stored over winter, you may need to give them a thorough cleanse with detergent and hot water. Wire brushers and scrubbers are useful for these tools and easily remove entrenched stains. Wooden parts such as handles need only a rub down. Where needed, sharpen the blades on plant shears, trimmers and the rest of your garden maintenance hardware.

When dealing with cutting tools, you need to pay a bit more attention to this category. If you properly maintained your cutting implements before putting them in storage, only a brief once over inspection is all you likely need. However, as I am sure the majority don’t take these precautions before storing, you need to remove previous seasons grass cuttings and stains, check the blades and apply oil grease where necessary. It may be worthwhile for you to outsource this task to the garden tools in experts in your local area altogether.

With a gas-powered barbeque, it is crucial to thoroughly inspect the pipes and connections for any signs of deterioration or damage. Neglecting this important check leaves you open to possible catastrophic gas leakage consequences. Disassemble all removable parts such the flame broils and racks to given them a decent check. Take caution not to harm the gas planes.

Charcoal outdoor grills are decidedly less detailed. Regularly removing detachable parts and wash with detergent and warm water and clean out all remaining charcoal debris. A useful tip to minimise cleaning demands is to rub accessible areas clean whilst the barbeque is still warm, immediately after use. This small effort will save you considerable time and effort, which you will be extremely grateful for later!

Toy Storage

In an ideal scenario, children would return toys their rightful place before dragging out more toys. Though realistically this never happens and you frequently find that almost the whole toy box ends up outside often.
How might you make it easier and appealing to children to collect their toys once they are done? One option is to repeatedly lead by example by explaining the importance of looking after your belongings. There is only one guaranteed method to ensure children cooperate with this chore. Mark specific storage containers for specific toys and ensure that these containers are easily accessible to young children.

!!- !! Here are a couple of helpful and down to earth tips:

Use proper snares and suspension ropes to effectively store sporting goods when not in use. Tennis rackets, cricket bats and skipping ropes should be given some consideration as to ideal spots to properly store in the space offered in your carport. Having a specific place for a specific tool is the way to keep goods perfectly secured.

Use only clear plastic storage boxes with lids that seal. Children can easily see which toys are in which container without spending unnecessary containers to find their favorite toy.

Bucket storage offers a diverse range of storage uses, particularly when storing wet toys. Buckets anticipated as storage for anything that is generally wet after use, can be adapted easily by creating a few small holes at the base to drain away water effortlessly.

Multi-purpose furniture, such as garden seating, reduces the need for an extensive range of furniture requirements by using one product for several purposes.

Once the winter is over, your pool would be sparingly used. That means it would be for the better to store your pool furniture along with the rest of your garden furniture for safekeeping. Also, consider hiring professionals like PlumbingForce to empty and your pool. This will guarantee that all of your outdoor plumbing is safe and will work perfectly when winter ends.

When the winter conditions return and you won’t be using your outdoor space for a while, consider using self-stockpiling, especially if you have accumulated a large amount of outdoor products. Self-stockpiling ensures your belongings stay in good condition and don’t displace existing stores at home. It’s a valuable investment to prevent having to purchase entirely new furniture each summer because of damages from poor storage conditions.

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