With the rise in popularity of the Netflix series “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”, many are choosing to “tidy up” themselves. This is called as the Marie Kondo effect. The series is starred by Japanese organising consultant and author Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo has written four bestselling books which as a collective, have sold millions of copies. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo follows Marie Kondo as she visits houses and helps its residents organise and tidy their houses. The show also encourages its viewers to declutter their own homes and follow the tips that its star Marie Kondo gives out.

One reason why the show is so popular is that it hit home for the majority of its viewers. It may be hard to admit but we all have items that we honestly do not need inside our houses. Throwing them away can prove to be problematic as it may be too expensive to replace. This stuff may also have a lot of sentimental value for you and your family so getting rid of them would also be hard.

On the other hand, you cannot just keep all of them in your house as they are just essentially clutter that takes up way too much space. This becomes dangerous for both parties — misplaced items have a tendency to get broken or you yourself can get hurt because of too much clutter.

For most households, this is what the attic and garage are for. Any stuff they don’t want but can’t throw away goes straight into boxes and stored for later use. Unfortunately, the majority of the population do not have enough space in their houses as the trend of downsizing has become more popular.

To save up on rent, many are deciding to move into smaller houses and apartments. While this is an ingenious idea, it may bring a lot of problems such as space shortage and design inefficiencies.

Here are some essential tips that you can do to keep your interior design aesthetically pleasing while getting rid of the clutter in your house.

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Pack away unimportant stuff

First of all, you should pack away all the unimportant stuff hanging around your house. This is called the process of decluttering. You do not want to look like you’re living a hoarder’s life, do you? When you let stuff pile up, your house will eventually get way too cluttered for everyone’s tastes.

Your items will also be in danger as you can’t avoid accidental damage. For those with huge houses, you can easily store them in boxes and put them away in your attic or garage. Just make sure that if you are storing valuable items in your garage that you have a secure garage door in place. However, not everyone has spaces dedicated just for their extra clutter. To make up for this problem, many rent out self-storage facilities so they can safely store their items in until they need them.

Getting a self storage unit will prove to be useful for you as it can store anything that can fit in it. Store your old clothes, books, and other personal mementoes that you want to keep.

It goes without saying that before you decide on which to store, you should lessen the number of items. Discern which ones you really need and what you should just throw/give away. The rest you can store in boxes and safely put in self-storage facilities near you. This lessens the amount of pay you rent while also getting rid of all the clutter in your house. The best part is you’re not throwing away these items but rather putting them at another location for future use.

Go for a minimalistic look

One design that Marie Kondo and her team are trying to make popular is minimalism. Marie Kondo would often say her infamous lines “Does this spark joy?” If the answer is no, then you should throw it away. Do this with the rest of your stuff. If it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it and eliminate them from your homes.

A minimalistic approach will not only make your room look hip and trendy but will also give you the additional sophistication that comes along with it. Check out Pinterest boards for ideas on how to make your room look good with just a few handfuls of item present. Of course, it is also important to keep the place clean, hire a maid from a local company or nationwide cleaning service such as Maids A La Mode if you don’t have the time.

Put up space-adding decor

When you’re living in confined, small quarters, obviously you would want to increase the space available. This is attainable by getting rid of your stuff to create space or by making visitors think that your house is bigger than it actually is. Mirrors and curtains are good examples of space-adding decor.

Bedroom Renovation

When we talk about Interior Design, often people neglect their own bedrooms. We only improve the aesthetics of those that the public will always see i.e. Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, etc. Your bedroom is where you will most probably stay for most of the time. It is also the first part of the house you see in the morning when you wake up so it goes without saying that you should also give it some love.

There are a lot of bedroom ideas available that you can use. You can even personalize it by putting up decor according to your personality. Just remember not to add way too much. A common mistake we often do when designing our own bedrooms is that we buy more than necessary because it looks good. Individually, it is aesthetically pleasing but when mixed together, it just looks messy. For some, the mess is favourable. However, just make sure that it is an organized mess instead of a cluttered one.

If you do not have any clue as to how you want your bedroom to look like, check out Armory Brown for their classic bedroom renovation ideas.

It goes without saying that when you decide to renovate your house, that you should keep your items away from it. You do not want accidents to befall your furniture and personal belongings just because you insisted on keeping them inside your house while construction and renovation is ongoing. To avoid this kind of mishaps, you should rent a storage facility so they can be secure, all have 24/7 CCTV monitoring any activity detering any attempts of burglary. Amp up your security by hiring a Removals company to take care of the move for you. It would be counter-intuitive and a tad bit ironic if you go through all the trouble to take care of your items only to have them damaged on the way.

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