Moving house can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful.  Many people chose to take the stress out of moving by enlisting the services of professional house moving specialists, such as this Bristol Removals Company. Professional movers provide a wide range of services from transport, to cleaning and packing.

How much will it cost to hire professional movers?

Prices may vary depending on the services you require the company to do. For example, if you require your movers to pack up your house, move the items and clean the property, you will be charged much more than if you selected for the company to only move your household items to your new premises. Many companies also charge more during peak times. You may be charged more for moving over a weekend than if you opted to move during the week. The distance between the two properties will also factor into the cost of the move.

How will professional movers help you?

Many moving companies offer additional services over and above simply moving your belongings. Always make sure that you are clear on the additional costs involved should you request the company to also pack or clean a property. For the most part, companies offer to pack and unpack your items. It is essential to keep in mind that companies will charge for materials used and the time that is taken to pack and unpack your items. has plenty of articles on moving house tips.

Expert movers will handle your fragile items with great care. They will also make use of lifts and suitable coverings to move larger items. Professional movers will know when items can be moved without the use of specialised equipment and will also be flexible to your needs.

Should you not be able to move into your new house immediately several top moving companies also offer storage facilities that are safe and secure boasting all the security features such as: CCTV Security, alarms upon forced entry and security guards. This service may be charged at a daily, weekly or monthly rate. Speak to your consultant to arrange for the best option for your needs.

Why should you hire a moving company?

Purchasing a new house is stressful as it is and then you have to pack up your belongings and take them to a new location.  Along with this, you will have to find people to help you. The entire process can be incredibly overwhelming. Hiring a team of professional movers will reduce the stress of moving.

Furthermore, moving your house on your own will require that you hire a van or small truck. Hiring professional movers ensures that the stress of hiring additional transport is taken away from you. The team will arrive at your house with a vehicle of the right size to accommodate your move, therefore, there will not be a need to complete multiple trips.

Choosing the right company for your needs

What do you need a mover for? decluttering, clearing rubbish, carrying valuables to your new home or moving office? Always make sure you get quotes from multiple companies. By doing this you will ensure that the service you sign up for is the right one for your budget and needs. Here are three ways you could go about selecting the right company for your needs:

  • Ask your friends and family for recommendations.
  • Contact trusted companies.
  • Read up on online reviews.

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